From season to season, it is Paris that demonstrates the most interesting and bold street style, laid-back relaxed aesthetics and a special character. A group of ambitious visionaries who worked in the largest Parisian houses decided to create a rebellious and sexy brand Precise.

Talented young Parisian designers felt cramped within the strict limits set by the creative directors of big-name brands, and one day the rebellious impulse took over. A group of young people relied on a different vision of everyday dress code — at the intersection of sports fashion and street style.

For the creators, the Preсise style is boldness and unbridled energy, and luxury is the reality of everyday wardrobe. Together, they created a unisex ready-to-wear Premium brand to bring their innovative ideas, craftsmanship and exceptional expertise to its collections.

The mission of the brand is to provide fans with unlimited possibilities in choosing a non-trivial everyday wardrobe.